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Tue-Sat 10am-6pm


Le Social Wine, Pollard Yard, Manchester M40 7SL

Le Social Wine, Pollard Yard, Manchester M40 7SL

Tue-Sat 10am-6pm

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Orange Wine

Orange Wine

Orange wine, amber wine, skin-contact wines... Different names but one same category for white wines which have been left in contact with the skin for a short to extended period of time. They are possibly the oldest wines, taking root in Georgian winemaking traditions, and they definitely are the easiest to pair with food. Do get in touch if you are not sure where to start! 

Contak, Domaine de Mena

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Maninalto, Joanna Dubrawska


Il Piccolo Sognatore, Podere Anima Mundi


Herr Gewurtz, Krásná Hora


Blanco, Purulio

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Mogul, Mas Theo


Har Megiddo, La Senda

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Taurasi Ognostro Fiano, Marco Tinessa


Privo L'Eretico, Paola Riccio


Frühroter Veltliner, Weingut Schmelzer


Marta, Ori Marani


Alepa Fuori di Riccio, Paola Riccio


Rufus, Dlúhé Grefty


Alba Rosales, Dlúhé Grefty


Mise En Bec, Lolita Sene


Sarau, RIM Vins

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Elements ChGg M01, Guillaume Noire


Trio Sauvage, Max Sein


Airene, Vinos Ambiz


La Bufarella, La Salada


Mariam Qvevri, Ori Marani


Exile On Caucasus Qvevri, Ori Marani

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Putes Feministes, Fleur Godart