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Le Social, Pollard Yard, Manchester, United Kingdom

Le Social, Pollard Yard, Manchester, United Kingdom


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Red Wine

Red Wine

Early harvests, hand picking, field blends, revived varietals, wild yeast fermentation, carbonic maceration, amphorae and concrete vessels... Natural winemakers blur the lines between traditional and modern techniques. And we are here for it!

Alepa Rosso, Paola Riccio


Alpi Retiche, Pizzo Coca


Androkteinos 2013, The Scholium Project


Angaco, Mas Lou


Beaujolais Cuvée des Beaux Jours, Francois de Nicolay


Beltza Tinto, Doniene Gorrondona

On sale £20.00

Bourgogne Rouge, Domaine Didon


Cahors, Clos La Coutale


Cathartic Red, Richard Bray


Chien Chien, La Noblaie


Chroma Soma Grenache, Carrie Anne Sumner


Cornas Les P'tits Bouts, Mickaël Bourg


Cubik, Domaine Séailles


Defy Organic Italian Red Wine


Diane Rouge, Famille Arbeau


Divay, Léah Anglès


Dolcetto Dosset, Mitchell Sokolin


Dos, Mission Wine

On sale £29.00

Element Cf, Guillaume Noire


Eos Red, Domaine Laguerre


Giuliana Vicini Montepulciano, Chiara Ciavolich


Gn, Guillaume Noire

Out of stock

Highway to Hell, Wines'n'Roses


La Cantarada De Los Mozos, Carlos Sánchez


Le Jouet, Domaine des Enfants


Le Lucciole Riserva, Chiara Condello


Le Social Wine Box

From £45.00

Le Zef, Domaine du Vent des Jours


Les Noces Alchimiques, Vincent Ruiz


Mise En Bouche, Lolita Sene

On sale £28.00

Montepulciano Rosso, Sassi


Naoussa, Dalamara


Nita, Ori Marani

Out of stock

Organic Barrica, Barahonda


Paliokalias, Dalamara


Passage, Domaine Laguerre