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Le Social, Pollard Yard, Manchester, United Kingdom

Le Social, Pollard Yard, Manchester, United Kingdom


Alpi Retiche, Pizzo Coca


Lorenzo Mazzucconi founded Pizzo Coca in 2015. With a total of 1.7ha and 90 beehives, they make more honey than wine! Located in Valtellina, this area has a long history of supplying wine due to it's easy access to the main cities. But once the St Gotthard tunnel was built it lost its demand, but not it's quality. A region known for lower yields and dense grapes, an absolute gold mine for expressive wines with a sense of regional terroir. 

Mazzucconi is dedicated to his work and not afraid to put in the hours. His cellar was transformed from an old dairy house and even though his estate is humble In size the range of aspects give him unique blending options.  

Producer Pizzo Coca

Viticulture & Winemaking Organic practises. Hand-harvested grapes, gentle pressing and stainless steel fermentation on indigenous yeasts. The wine is finished with little intervention and without any filtering.  

Grapes Nebbiolo 

Region Lombardy, Italy 

ABV 13%

Tasting Notes Expressive red berries, and spice with an elegant finish. A great value midweek wine that offers you that added fruit palate.