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Le Social, Pollard Yard, Manchester, United Kingdom

Le Social, Pollard Yard, Manchester, United Kingdom


Sextant, L'Écume


Julien Altaber grew up on a dairy farm and driving tractors in the fields of Burgundy. At the age of 16 years old he fell in love with making wine and started a range of internships in France with winemakers like Dominique Derain. It's here that he learnt about biodynamic vineyard management and has adopted a no chemical approach to his own land. In the cellar he uses a less is more approach to create his wines through native yeast, spontaneous fermentation and no added S02.  

Producer L'Écume

Viticulture & Winemaking Biodynamic practises. Grapes are hand harvested and go through a spontaneous fermentation. The wine is then bottled before the ferment has completed to produce a Pet Nat style of sparkling. 

Grapes Gamay, Aligoté

Region Burgundy, France 

ABV 12%

Tasting Notes Great structured bubbles, creamy and brioche forward Pet Nat. Light pink in the glass with subtle red berry notes from the Gamay. Finishes with crunchy acidity and a silky texture.