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Le Social, Pollard Yard, Manchester, United Kingdom

Le Social, Pollard Yard, Manchester, United Kingdom


Elixir 2019, Muchada-Léclapart


While Sanlucar's Bodegas produce some of the most incredible biologically aged wines in the world - Manzanilla and Fino sherries, namely - a new wave of producers are staying away from the flor and focus on dry white wines made with the local Palomino grape. Muchada-Léclapart is one of them and a rising star winery. Mark our words when we say their wines will become absolute icons. Born from the collaboration of vintners David Léclapart (Champagne) and Alejandro Muchada (Jerez), their nuanced, low intervention approach are redefining what premium wines really should be about: delicate, subtle, humble, yet disruptive. 

We are very excited to be the first UK retailers for them. For Elixir, Muscat comes from the “El Camino del Puerto” from “Pago Abulagar” (0.7 hectares) of clayey and sandy soils. The palomino vineyard of “La Platera” from “Pago Miraflores” (1.2 hectares) with the soil of “Lustrillos” and calcareous subsoils of “tosca cerrada” of “albariza” at a depth of 2 meters. Its salinity, minerality and purity stand out, its complexity and enticing perfume take us places.

They deserve to be treated with special attention re-service: allow the bottle to stand up for a couple of weeks for the wine to settle, in a cool, dark, odourless environment. Bring temperature to 13-14 degrees Celsius. Still debating about decanting it - if you do, best not shake the wine. just pour delicately in the carafe and leave it to breathe for half an hour or more. 

Producer Muchada-Léclapart

Viticulture & Winemaking Biodynamic, low intervention farming in conversion toward certification. Grapes are hand harvested and go through a Spontaneous fermented and vinified in used Bordeaux barrels (from 2013) for 9-10 months. Minimum initial sulphite. Unfiltered. Total Sulphur Dioxide under 8mg/L.  

Grapes 40% Muscat of Chipiona, 60% old Palomino

Region Sanlucar, Andalucia, Spain

ABV 11.5%

Tasting Notes Perfumed; delicate, floral, demure, fine and with a beautiful tension between salinity, purity and its round texture.