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Le Social, Pollard Yard, Manchester, United Kingdom

Le Social, Pollard Yard, Manchester, United Kingdom


About Le Social


Le Social was born during the Covid-19 lockdown when we delivered wine straight to our friends' house for a small fee, with all profits going to charity. We realised how much of a difference our socially distanced visits were making. More than an online platform, Le Social is now a community of people sharing a common interest for gastronomy, creativity, and wellbeing.

We choose to look at the world through the prism of conscious living and epicureanism. We find meaning in supporting people in and out of our community. As a wine and deli shop, we select products based on their cultural and social credentials and their individuality. We collaborate with other creatives and entrepreneurs and celebrate alternative, unconventional and marginalised voices.

​We embrace the responsibility we have to challenge the systems in place, and we will constantly adapt and evolve with the community we build.

Hospitality, Inclusivity, Generosity and Sustainability are the four pillars of everything we do.

We are a local business with global inspirations - and we can't wait to take you with us.


We select wines based on their social credentials and potential. These are wines which make a positive social impact throughout the supply chain, from the people working in the vineyards to the friends and families who will live a special moment sharing them. ⁠ 

They are wines with a cultural heritage, a geographical identity, and a story to tell. Wines that support our community of producers, importers, and consumers. Bottles that initiate conversations at dinner and elevate the collective experience. ⁠More often than not, they are organic, biodynamic, natural. But first and foremost, they are excellent tasting and looking wines with individuality and character, selected with Le Social’s members in mind.

We are always on the look out for unique and quirky wines from people and regions we wouldn’t have thought of. However, not every wine experience needs to be challenging and mind-broadening. By rotating our selection and including options at different style and price points, everyone can feel confident that there is a bottle for them on our shelves.

Our online shop is built for safe home-deliveries. We deliver ourselves where possible. This is an opportunity to discuss the wines face to face and check in with Le Social’s community, and a chance to limit our environmental footprint. We try our best to accommodate for next working day or same day delivery, but we also offer collection appointments. Our shop at Pollard Yard is our current home for browsing, tasting, and socialising.  

Regional & National deliveries are also available via independent couriers APC, from their Manchester Depot. They were the best compromise we found, from a social and environmental point of view but also for a reliable, breakage-free service. We use sustainable packaging and their carbon footprint is offset. 


Similarly to our wine offering, the ingredients and products we select were carefully produced with no additives. They support a community of farmers and producers and show a sense of place, culture and heritage. Sustainably made with their environmental and social impact in mind, they impressed us by both their look and taste. 

Chefs play an utmost important role as ambassadors for farming and food culture, and we curate collaborative supper clubs, tastings and more food-led events whenever we can.    


We work with small, independent producers whose main activities are farming and winemaking. People who live and breath what they do, who are committed to supporting their local and regional community, while providing them with fair work opportunities.​

We believe a more inclusive and representative wine world is possible. The vast majority of the wines available on the market are credited to cis, straight, white male winemakers. We try our best to represent producers from various backgrounds. We have already increased the representation of female and LGBTQI+ winemakers in our range, but we are committed to do better.   


It was very important for us to work with suppliers who share our values, independently of the products they offer. 

Current Suppliers include: GB Wine Shippers, Otros Vinos, Wines Under The Bonnet, Keeling Andrew (Noble Rot), Basket Press, Sager + Wine, Provisions London, GRAFT, 266 Wines and Morgenrot Group.

PORTRAIT: Jérôme Boullier, Founder

"I was born in rural Western France where food and farming played a significant role in my upbringing. As a kid, I would spend my weekends at my great-grandparents’ farm or in my grandparents’ garden. Vegetables were home-grown, family meals cooked from scratch, and meat often came from the chickens and rabbits raised at the farm. 

Wine was also part of everyday life. I was often sent to the wine cellar - a damp room in the basement of my grand-parents house - to find a specific bottle for the occasion. Family rituals were always accompanied by wines appropriately matched, and I was invited to taste from a very young age.

The family was equally split between Rhone, Bordeaux, and Burgundy, but unequivocally in agreement about Champagne… My interest kept growing. Comes university I was the only student with a wine fridge in their room. 

My first summer job was in a meatpacking factory. This experience was a wake-up call to the reality of our industrial food supply and profoundly marked my beliefs and convictions. The next 10 years were spent studying business applied to food, wine, spirits, and sustainability, while working in retail and hospitality. 

In 2020, when completing my WSET Diploma research paper, I studied a number of publications about biodynamic and natural wines, amongst which Christelle Pineau’s La Corne de Vache et le Microscope. The author's attempt to define Natural Wines by interviewing and sharing the life of small independent wine producers was a pivotal read in defining Le Social’s ethos.

My empirical research also helped to fine-tune my palate to these wines, and while good and bad bottles can be found in equal measure in both the conventional and natural worlds, I find the interests of smaller producers morally and ethically easier to get behind than those of bigger corporations. Their creativity and dedication, often motivated by a mix of ecological, social, political and spiritual convictions, also add extra layers and depth to the wines they produce.  ​

With Le Social I now hope to bring these fantastic wines straight to people's door, through the shortest supply chain possible, at the fairest price, and to meet and engage with as many people with similar interests as possible."

  • WSET Level 3, WSET Diploma (pending)
  • MSc. Food Business (Manchester Metropolitan)
  • BA. Global Business (Coventry University)
  • Wine Trade (Morgenrot Group PLC since 2017) 
  • Food Retail (Auchan Group, Marks & Spencer...) 
  • Hospitality (Balagan Paris, Hollin House Hotel...)
  • WSET Diploma Research Paper: « Natural Wines »
  • Carbon Literacy Accreditation
  • Conference guest speaker, Niftem, New Delhi: « Sustainability of the Global Food Supply Chain »
  • MSc. Research: « Barriers and opportunities for the adoption of sustainable consumption practices: a consumer’s point of view »
  • BA Research: « Branding Coherence: New marketing channels for Premium Spirits in France »