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Le Social, Pollard Yard, Manchester, United Kingdom

Le Social, Pollard Yard, Manchester, United Kingdom


Amazones, Fleur Godart


Vins et Volailles is an all-female team with a passion for good food and wine, led by Fleur Godart, Louise Los, Marine Philomen Roux and Lisa Le Postec.

Their backgrounds are very diverse, from theatre to tattooing, cooking to oenology, but all come together over a glass of wine. It is after yet another quarrel over natural wine and feminism that the quartet decided at the end of 2020 to launch activist cuvées in collaboration with renowned winemakers and friends such as Mathieu Coste, Athénais de Béru and Julien Albertus.

'Amazones', by blurring the lines between white and red wine, ask us to reconsider our representation of strong women beyond the usual prejudice of colour, race, sexuality etc (see Wonder Woman's last two movies...). The label represent the Amazons of Dahomey (Benin, West Africa), a contemporary yet rarely depicted real-life amazon tribe. A collaboration with 2Naturkinder.

Producer Fleur Godart, Vins et Volailles 

Viticulture & Winemaking Organic grapes, hand harvest, 

Grapes Regent, Sylvaner

Region Germany

ABV 12%

Tasting Notes A totally unique wine oscillating between red and white flavours. A flowery profile, with anything from black fruit to ripe peach and hyacinth blossom.