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Le Social at Kampus, Aytoun St, M1 3DA

Le Social at Kampus, Aytoun St, M1 3DA


Cathartic White, Richard Bray


"I started making wine in the Roussillon in 2008, helping my pal Andy at both Coume del Mas and Mas Cristine. In 2016, I vinified three parcels separately, as much for proof of concept as anything else. It was my own take on the Roussillon’s under-appreciated terroir. Making a little more year after year, in 2019, I decided to throw my hat in for a lot more. As each year has presented new challenges, I’ve become less concerned with doing the same thing harvest after harvest, and more interested in capturing the best that the vintage has to offer. My approach is hands-off, and the vines are currently under organic conversion" RWHB

Producer Richard W H Bray  

Viticulture & Winemaking Organic viticulture. Grapes are hand harvested and fermentation is in stainless steel tanks. Unfined, settled in tank pre-bottling, unfiltered. S02 is low. 680 bottles produced.

Grapes 50% Vermentino, 50% Macabeu

Region AOP Côtes du Roussillon, Languedoc, France

ABV 13.5%

Tasting Notes Floral and generous nose. Beautifully textured, with crisp citrus balanced with creamier peach and apricot tones.