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Le Social at Kampus, Aytoun St, M1 3DA

Le Social at Kampus, Aytoun St, M1 3DA


Ce Cese, Collecapretta


Agriculture has always played a huge part in the Mattioli families lives, and can be traced back three generations. Located in Umbria they are surrounded by nature and immerse themselves in country life. Along with vines they grow wheat, raise animals and make olive oil from their trees. Following the lunar cycle, they use a range of biodynamic techniques and their own fertilizer to nourish the soils.   

Sangiovese is the most planted variety but they also grow other native grapes like Trebbiano that dates back 60 years. When it comes to vinification the natural approach continues with as little intervention as possible. They use their basement to provide cool and controlled temperatures for maturation, and bottling is all done by hand. 

Producer Collecapretta

Viticulture & Winemaking Biodynamic viticulture. Grapes are hand harvested and go through Indigenous yeasts fermentation. The wine is matured in their basement with all processes controlled by the lunar calendar. Finished unfined, unfiltered and no added S02.  

Grapes Sangiovese

Region Umbria, Italy 

ABV 14%

Tasting Notes A real and rugged Sangiovese that has had nothing added or taken away during the winemaking process. Ripe aromas of cherries and violets are met with savoury leather and meaty undertones that offer up comfort in a glass.