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Le Social, Pollard Yard, Manchester, United Kingdom

Le Social, Pollard Yard, Manchester, United Kingdom


Elements ChGg M01, Guillaume Noire


A fervent interest in environmental movements and organic farming prompted young winemaker Guillaume Noire to leave a career in branding and advertising to pursue a new life in the Loire Valley. Under the auspices of other local winemakers such as the Ménard family, Guillaume has learned to make wine naturally in both the vineyard and cellar.

Guillaume cultivates just a few hectares in Rablay-sur-Layon in the Anjou district of the Loire Valley. The local appellation of Côteauxdu-Layon is prized for sweet wines which it exclusively produces, but Guillaume is part of a movement of winemakers making stunning dry wines classified under the humble Vin de France designation. Guillaume farms without the use of any synthetic herbicides or pesticides. In the cellar, his approach is equally straightforward and sincere. Quite simply, Guillaume’s wines are made from “du raisin et juste du raisin”. Grapes and nothing more. 

Producer Guillaume Noire

Viticulture & Winemaking Organic viticulture. Grapes are hand-harvested, followed by maceration and fermentation in fibreglass tanks. Nothing else.  

Grapes Chenin Blanc

Region VDF Anjou, Loire, France

ABV 12%

Tasting Notes Playful nose of mango, passion fruit followed by gingery notes on the finish. Delicious and fun.