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Le Social at Kampus, Aytoun St, M1 3DA

Le Social at Kampus, Aytoun St, M1 3DA


Folie Blanche, Château du Coing


Situated in Saint-Fiacre Sur Maine the vineyards are found on South facing slopes that run down to the Sèvre and Maine river banks. The Château not only has a stunning view but ancient winemaking roots that date back to 1536. 

Made from the unique Folle Blanche, a grape that was overshadowed by Melon de Bourgogne for the production of Muscadet. After years of uprooting, it is now experiencing a bit of a well-deserved revival. Light and zesty showing aromas of grapefruit and blossoms really make this mouth-watering wine a must-try.  

Producer Château du Coing  

Viticulture & Winemaking Sustainable. Grapes are hand harvested, pressed, then go through cold macerated for 12hrs, before fermentation in large vats. Wine is then racked off the lee's and bottled with limited intervention. 

Grapes Folle Blanche 

Region Loire, France 

ABV 11%

Tasting Notes It's a live one! A zesty and full of zip wine that's citrusy and delicate.