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Le Social at Kampus, Aytoun St, M1 3DA

Le Social at Kampus, Aytoun St, M1 3DA


Gaia, Loxarel


Working with a small local team the Loxarel family have been making wine for many generations. The grapes used for this wine come from one of their highest sites here in the Penedès at Pla de Manlleu, 700m above sea level. This allows the grapes to keep their acidity which is needed for sparkling wine production. On the estate they follow a mixture of organic and biodynamic practises to tend to the vines.  

Producer Loxarel 

Viticulture & Winemaking Organic practises. Hand-harvested, direct press, followed by fermentation using native yeasts In a mix of stainless steel, clay amphora and chestnut barrel. The wine is finished with little intervention. 

Grapes Sauvignon Blanc 

Region Penedès, Spain 

ABV 12.5%

Tasting Notes Crisp acidity, citrus fruits and stone fruits. The palate is riper than the nose, slightly tropical and blossom with a lingering finish.