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Le Social, Pollard Yard, Manchester, United Kingdom

Le Social, Pollard Yard, Manchester, United Kingdom


Gorrondona Txakoli, Doniene Gorrondona

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Situated in the coastal town of Bakio, there has been a winery on the site of Doniene Gorrondona since 1852. Today the estate is owned/run by four friends, which was started by Itziar Insausti who arrived in 1994 from San Sebastian. Having fallen in love with the area and its rich history, Itziar and Julen began their mission to revive the land.  

In 1996 viticulturist Andoni Sarratea became involved and the friends began planting vineyards. In 2000, Itziar’s brother Egoitz also joined them in producing authentic wines from the local varieties. The vineyards are farmed without routine spraying, yields are far lower than the regional regulations stipulate and all wines are now fermented using native yeasts from a ‘pied de cuve’. The results are a benchmark of quality for Txakoli wines.  

Producer Doniene Gorrondona

Viticulture & Winemaking Sustainable. Grapes are hand harvested and go through a pneumatic pressed, followed by ingenious yeast fermentation in temperature controlled stainless steel vats. Bottled with low S02.  

Grapes Hondarrabi Zuri, Hondarrabi Zuri Zerratia, Munemahatsa, Hondarrabi Beltz

Region Basque Country, Spain 

ABV 11.9%

Tasting Notes Crisp apple, white stone fruit and a herbaceous freshness. It's light, delicate, citrusy and playful.